Top Shopping Cities for Vintage Clothing


For everyone that likes to travel and explore unique vintage finds, we have prepared our top 4 favorite destinations around the world for the best shops and flea markets.

1- Milan, Italy

As a fashion capital, it's no surprise that you'll find many vintage pieces quite easily. The city hosts many flea markets every week and is home to some of the most famous vintage and second-hand luxury boutiques. If you're in the area, check out Moscova District Market, DMAG, Humana Vintage, Cavalli e Nastri and Sous Vintage, and of course always attend the Flea Markets in Navigli and Brera districts during the weekends. 

Top Shopping Cities for Vintage Clothing

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2- Berlin, Germany

Berlin has a big variety of low to high-end vintage stores with the best curation of products. Everyone in this city shops second-hand or vintage. It's sustainable, fun and you'll look effortlessly cool and unique. The best stores are usually in the Mitte neighborhood. Loretta, The Good Store, Humana, and Lena's Lovely Vintage Boutique are some of our favorite stores in Berlin. For all sneakerheads, you need to go to Vaditim where you'll find all the rare collaborations between brands, from Nike to Supreme. And finally, for a treasure hunt experience, you can check out PicknWeight which sells clothes by the kilo.

Top Shopping Cities for Vintage Clothing

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3- Tokyo, Japan

Vintage shopping in Tokyo is one of the best in the world. People from all over the world head to Tokyo to shop everything from vintage, second-hand, and just basic luxury brands. Most vintage shops are in the neighborhood of Shimokitazawa among them are Grapefruit Moon, Chicago, and Shimokita Garage. Every shop offers a different selection of streetwear, classics, and chic traditional kimonos. There are pieces for all kinds of budgets. What makes vintage shopping in Tokyo is that you'll almost never find these pieces in any other city.

Top Shopping Cities for Vintage Clothing

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4- New York, USA

For cool, trendy, and edgy finds, New York should be your next destination. The city is home to many gems hidden all over the hundreds of vintage stores. Shopping vintage in New York is an adventure and you need to be patient and lucky to find exactly what you need for reasonable prices. Whether you're looking for streetwear, classics, archival pieces, or just great quality vintage clothing, rest assured there's a shop there for you. Some of our favorites are Metropolis Vintage, What Goes Around Come Back Around, Hamlet's Vintage, and New York Vintage

Top Shopping Cities for Vintage Clothing

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