10 must-have items for a man’s wardrobe


Fashion comes and goes, but there are things that do not lose their relevance under any circumstances. And if you decide to fill your wardrobe with the “right” components, LookStyler will tell you what you should pay special attention to.

  1. Men's classic suit

The suit should sit on you perfectly because you have to use it in important and crucial moments. Double-breasted or single-breasted - does not play a big role, but among shades, preference should be given to the dark - it is more versatile.

2. Men’s V-Neck Jumper

The main thing is to keep in mind an important rule: a crew-neck jumper is ideal for creating a relaxed and casual look, while a V-neck jumper is best combined with a business men’s suit.

3. Monochrome T-shirt

The most popular colors are white, gray, blue and black: these variants are perfectly combined with blazers, cardigans, jackets and any jackets.

4. Light shirt

Included only two or three light-colored shirts in your arsenal, you can safely create, on their basis, both casual look-and (for example, with jeans and a leather jacket), and quite official (with classic trousers and a jacket).

5.Plaid shirt

A plaid shirt is an excellent alternative to the white and blue versions, but do not forget that a large and contrasting cell does not fit into the business image at all. If the print is small and sustained in the same range, then boldly combine such a shirt with a classic suit and complement it with a tie.

6. Dark jeans

Dark blue jeans are exactly the option that never, under any circumstances, go out of style. In addition, this piece of clothing has absolute versatility: jeans are perfectly combined with t-shirts, cardigans, parks, shirts, jackets, bomber jackets, and brutal black jackets.


Wristwatches give completeness to your look. It is better to choose an iconic model.

8. Trench coat

A beige trench coat is a must-have. It allows you to look perfect under any circumstances, without losing relevance for several decades. The trench coat perfectly matches both the classic suit and jeans, in the best traditions of smart casual.

9. Classic shoes

Black oxfords — the most official model, which looks appropriate day and night. Well, brown brogues with patterned perforations fit everything.

9. Accessories

In early spring, you should take care of a scarf, chosen for outerwear, which not only warms but makes the image harder, more refined. Do not forget about the little things: a tie, cufflinks, stylish classic watches and, of course, sunglasses.

10. White sneakers

While everyone is walking around in heeled sneakers, be more refined — choose pure white sneakers. They have become almost classics and harmoniously look with jeans, not too strict pants and even shorts, if we talk about summer.

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