Top Haircuts for 2022


Many want to seek change for the New Year and nothing transforms your appearance like a new hairstyle. According to many stylists, here are the top haircuts predictions you'll be seeing in 2022. 

1- 90s Bob

The short bob and mid-lenght bob are both returning in 2022, it falls above the shoulder and just a bit below the chin. It's gives a classy but fierce look. In fact, when women ask for this particular haicut, they tend to want to feel like a boss. This hairstyle suits mostly on oval-shaped faces, but you can always play with the lenght from the front or back and add bangs to make it more suitable for your face.

Top Haircuts for 2022

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2- Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs were on high-demand during the pendemic in 2020, and we're expecting it to boom again in 2022. With layered beach waves, the 60s and 70s curtain bangs gives a chic twist to your appearance and it looks great on everyone. It adds volume and makes your hair look thicker. Unlike the full-on fringe, you can always style the longer bangs in many ways creating different hairstyles almost everyday.

Top Haircuts for 2022

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3- Mid-Length Layered Hair

In 2022, people are looking to look their natural selves, leaving their natural hair shine. Many will ask for mid-lenght layered hair as it looks nice with any type of hair: curly, wavy or straight. The layers will appear as if they have done a gorgeous blowout at the salon.

Top Haircuts for 2022

Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

4- Rounded Fro

For curly haired women, the rounded fro will be the most popular and demanded look. It's natural, easy, lasts long and will keep your curls and coils healthy. 

Top Haircuts for 2022

Photo Credit: Stylist

5- Super Long and Sleek

And finally, the long, straight and sleek hairstyle will be all over in 2022. It's a gorgeous dramatic hairstyle but it's not easy to take care of. For your hair to grow fast and healthy, it requires alot of maintenance, and you shouldn't be afraid to cut the split ends once in a while. 

Top Haircuts for 2022

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