Summer makeup tips


When the really extreme heat comes, you don’t even want to think about the need to apply some creams, powder or anything else to your face. But the hot weather is not a reason to refuse a beautiful make-up. However, it is worth remembering that not all the types of makeup are suitable for the summer season. Summer is a time of freedom and naturalness. Makeup is aimed at creating an image of lightness and simplicity. Just a few easy ways can save your makeup in the Summertime:

Skin preparation is one of the important points in any makeup, especially during Summer. The best summer skincare products are tonics, gels and mousses that do not contain alcohol, do not dry and do not tight the skin. The perfect option for summer is a moisturizer with a tinting effect that can be applied directly to the clean skin.

Matting napkins are just salvation in hot weather. They do a great job with an oily sheen. Much more effective than the compact powder.

In the heat, you need to take care of the skin intensively. Clay masks help well. Especially white or blue.

Powder and blush for makeup in the summer, especially if you need to keep makeup all day, until the evening, it is better to use friable. Such products have a light texture that does not clog pores and is able to absorb excess moisture (especially mineral powder), so the skin stays matte and fresh longer.

Shadows for the summer makeup are more suitable a liquid or mousse-like texture, they are able to withstand even the most intense heat. Surely in the summer you will swim in the ponds, and you always want to look beautiful, so we recommend adding waterproof mascara to the makeup bag.

Glitter and cream lipsticks cannot please you with their sustainable in the summer. It is better to opt for lip gloss or a moisturizing balm with an SPF factor.

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