Shopping in Dubai


Dubai is considered the best place for shopping in the entire Middle East. There, is literally everything: in the shopping malls of this city, you can find all sorts of popular global brands, as well as local products — textiles, furs, jewelry, perfumes and much more.

Clothes and shoes

The largest selection is in the Dubai Mall. It is also worth going there for European brands of the middle price segment, but exclusive designer shoe stores are located in the Wafi Shopping Mall.

Dubai’s most famous shopping district is Nasser Square. There are many clothing stores, furs, shoes, perfumes, electronics, carpets, jewelry, and watches. There you can also choose cashmere, woolen and silk shawls of excellent quality. Dubai’s largest shopping centers are located in the city center and on the embankments.

Perfumes and cosmetics

Arabs make perfumes on an oil basis, they do not contain alcohol and are highly resistant. The flavors themselves are an amateur, but fans of spicy, tart and sweet smells will surely like them. Perfume shops are in all shopping centers. For example, you can buy perfume, in the famous Amouage; There is a special perfume shop for you on request.


Dubai weaves and sells excellent carpets: wool, silk, cotton — many options. Carpets are machine and hand knit. The largest selection of carpets in Dubai is on Baniyas Square, there are many small shops with very hospitable vendors who offer tea and coffee from the doorstep and start talking about the goods.


Connoisseurs find the jewelry range rather monotonous, most of the jewelry is large, simple in design, there are jewels in modern style and traditional Oriental ones. Most of all in local stores of yellow gold, but there are white and pink, as well as jewelry with precious stones — rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds.

Best jewelry you can buy in specialized stores, in the Gold Market (Gold Souk) and in the Gold and Diamond Park.

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