Men: 5 easy ways to add a pop of color to your outfits


Men often dress exclusively in neutral colors., this tactic is unmistakable and… spineless. Some tricks will help you to choose the right color combinations in your men’s wardrobe.

  1. Color accents

Neutral colors — white, black, gray, brown and navy blue never spoil your impression, but they will not distinguish you in the crowd even if these colors should always be in a basic men’s wardrobe. The main advantage of basic clothing in neutral shades is that it can be complemented with almost any color without sacrificing of style: for example, a pocket shawl and tie of any bright color will be combined with a business suit in a navy blue shade.

2. Natural combinations

Natural is never mistaken in the choice of color, in its combinations, there is always the harmony, so why not to follow such an example? The rule is simple: if a combination of tones can be found in nature, then you can safely use it in your image. Get inspired by photos of the Norwegian fjords to see what colors your adorable khaki shirt should be worn with, or look at the Sahara scenery to decide what to combine sand pants with.

3. The rule of three colors

Color overloading is harmful, so it’s best to limit yourself to the three colors, selected by using the color wheel. Another effective and simple technique is the selection of the colors by using a flannel shirt in a cage: they are always created according to the rule of three colors.

4. Monochrome combinations

Monochrome combinations are extremely easy to create: you just need to dress one color from the different shades from head to toe. Such outfits always look finished and sophisticated. Few people wear colored total-looks, so the presence of two or three monochrome sets will effectively distinguish you from the environment.

5. Individual approach

There are 3 basic color types of appearance: high-contrast type (dark hair and fair skin); low contrast (fair hair and fair skin/ dark hair and dark skin); medium contrast type (all others). For a high-contrast type of appearance, contrasting colors in clothes are suitable. For the low-contrast color, it’s better to use basic colors with accents or monochrome images. The medium-contrast color type of men can replace the usual red, blue blue and yellow colors with wine and mustard.

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