Keeping your Hair Healthy this Winter


With the cold weather entering our daily life, the usage of heating appliances for our hair is far more used when compared to a hot season, where we tend to use our locks more naturally. It is super important to take some extra care of our hairstyle during winter; so thinking about that, we have prepared some tips for you to apply now!

1- Thermal Hair Protection is Your Best Ally

Even though this is a tip to be applied all year-long, we felt the need to highlight it here too. It is fundamental that you always apply a leave-in, serum, oil or any other hair product that contains thermal protection. As mentioned earlier, with the increased usage of hair styling tools during the winter season, it’s primordial that we give extra care for our strands.

Keeping your Hair Healthy this Winter

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2- Oil to Control the Frizz

Apply some drops of oil on the tips of your hair to repair ends splitting, while a small amount of the product may be used on your scalp to reduce the frizz. It is important to control the quantity applied, to avoid getting your hair way too oily. To boost the hydration of your strands, you can add a bit of jojoba or argan oil into your conditioner to power its moisturizing effect.

Keeping your Hair Healthy this Winter

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3- Weekly Moisturizing Hair Mask Treatment 

Everybody knows that it is not recommended to take hot showers, but who honestly can take lukewarm baths in winter?! Well, in this case, the least we can do is to maintain our hair hydrated by using a weekly hair mask that can be done easily at home either with a quick mask or a deep treatment. Concentrate the product on the length of your hair to prevent unpleasant oiliness.

Keeping your Hair Healthy this Winter

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4- Make Friendship With a Dry Shampoo

The intense washing of your hair may cause some irritation for your scalp and generate more dryness. Some specialists recommend reducing the number of washes during the winter season and using sulfate-free and mild shampoo to keep the natural moisture equilibrium. Those with oily hair might think that this is an impossible task, but you might want to include a dry shampoo into your list to not only preserve the health of your hair, as well as to give more texture to the strands.

Keeping your Hair Healthy this Winter

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