How to style iconic Bottega Veneta pieces


With the sudden news of the departure of creative designer Daniel Lee from the Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta, iconic pieces such as the Puddle Boots or the Pouch bag are expected to boom. 

Follow this guide for how you can style the top 4 most iconic designs by Daniel Lee.

1. Puddle Boots

Introduced in Fall 2020, the Puddle Boots are celebrities’ favorite. Since their release, these boots have been the hottest and most wanted boots. Made entirely from biodegradable materials, the Puddle Boots are comfortable, lightweight and waterproof. They are available in five different colors from easy to adopt (black, fondant brown, camel) to eye-catching (lollipop pink, kiwi green). 

Bottega's Puddle Boots pair perfectly with relaxed wardrobes but also slightly dressed outfits. 

On-trend outfit ideas to pair with the Puddle Boots: 

- Sweatpants, sweatshirt, body length coat, and tote bag

- Long knit shirt, skirt, and crossbody bag

- Skinny jeans, white t-shirt, and quilted jacket

How to style iconic Bottega Veneta pieces

2. Pouch Bag

The Pouch Bag is Lee's most popular design, it was introduced back in Spring 2019 and quickly became the it-bag of the year. This super minimalist piece can be worn with almost any outfit. The pouch comes in many colors and different textures, so you can adapt it to any season.

Where your Pouch Bag with:

- Matching set with loafers or minimalist boots

- Long dress, blazer, and cowboy boots

- Sweatshirt, matching suit, and sneakers

How to style iconic Bottega Veneta pieces

3. Cassette Bag

Another it-bag is this crossbody rectangle padded bag which is more suited as an everyday piece. It's comfortable, with enough space for your everyday bag essentials, and can be worn for day or night, casual or formal. 

If you have the Cassette bag or are planning to get it soon, follow these three outfit inspirations: 

- Comfortable nude sweatpants set, your favorite sneakers, and bright-colored Cassette Bag

- Blue jeans, casual t-shirt, and a trench coat

- Suit set, black long sleeve body top, heels or sandals

How to style iconic Bottega Veneta pieces

4. Lido Sandals

The Lido Sandals were worn by almost every influencer and celebrity since its release in Summer 2019. These heels are also padded and are perfectly matched with the Cassette Bag. We highly recommend getting the two together as they elevate the simplest outfit. The padded sole adds extra comfort and durability to the heel, for you to be able to wear it comfortably all day.

Pair your Lido Sandals with:

- Same color Cassette Bag, leather pants, top, and long minimalist coat

- Casual blue jeans, jeans shirt, and tote bag

- Black leather pants, white or blacktop, and tartan blazer

How to style iconic Bottega Veneta pieces
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