How to style baggy jeans


The latest denim trend is baggy jeans, which very soon became one of the most popular denim styles. It’s time for a new way to learn baggy jeans combinations with our stylist’s tips!!

Low-waist jeans, sometimes with a low rise and frayed legs, baggy boyfriend jeans suddenly appeared in the lenses of street style photographers, like a “du jour” denim style.

They are not only convenient but also surprisingly chic when combined with the right things. If you wear many layers of clothing on a top, a belt can help balance bagging (this is also cool for a smaller overall top). Second: with baggy jeans height is very important. Even small ones can help keep laid-back denim too soft.

Combine baggy jeans with deliberately voluminous jackets, as if removed from a man’s shoulder. Wonderful combination is also baggy blue jeans with a soft knit cardigan and white cowboy boots, like Bella Hadid.

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