Floral Shirts: How to wear this Summer's tricky Menswear piece


Floral shirt is certainly a piece of clothing that easily captivates any fan of fashion and sophistication. Being a bit “exotic”, a bit “eccentric” and a bit “extravagant”, a floral print shirt is the epitome of the quintessence of the summer season and helps to add a finishing touch to the style. But how to wear this shirt and combinate with any piece of clothing?

A floral print shirt and beige shorts or pants are a great outfit formula to have in your wardrobe. Thinking of making your outfit more elegant? Round off this look with black leather low sneakers.

One of the best combination — floral shirt with a light linen suit. Make this look more elegant — give preference to woven leather boots, or monk shoes.

If you value comfort and practicality in clothes, a floral shirt, and black skinny jeans are a great option for a casual, everyday look. Experienced fans can complement the look with dark brown leather Chelsea boots, that add a touch of sophistication.

Dress in a floral print shirt and a black suit for a chic look. Do you want to make the ensemble a little more elegant? Then, complement your look with black leather loafers.

The combo of a floral shirt and floral pants — one more expressive and drave choice of stylish men. Finish off this look with white leather low top sneakers.

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