3 Destination Ideas for a Weekend Trip


We have prepared a list with 3 destination ideas where you can spend a summer weekend with no regrets.

Malaga, Spain

Spain city for people who like to explore new places, because it is in this Spanish area that the cities of “Pueblo Blanco” or, as they are also called, the White cities of Andalusia are located.

Ksamil, Albania

Ksamil in Southern Albania is a great place with clean beaches, like in the Caribbean islands, which is still included in the list of popular holiday destinations. That’s why it is real to find a good place for a vacation in a short time. On the other side of the coast, you can see Corfu, which can be reached by boat in just an hour and a half — a good program for the day, right?

Porkerolle, France

For a short and great vacation, a good idea would be to visit Porkerolle. The island is called a paradise because it can only be reached by boat. The island bears the title of reserve and is closed to tourists. Such tranquility helps to preserve wildlife, and the most beautiful beach of the island called Notre Dame is valued for its soft sand and a sea of ​​amazing blue color.

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