Shopping tour in Dusseldorf, Germany!

Shopping tour in Dusseldorf, Germany!

During this tour, we will get to visit some of the most iconic shopping districts in the city, We will start our tour by meeting at Altstadt, one of the most historical quarters, where we will start our shopping-spree through its owner-run boutiques, casual wear shops, and jewelry and beauty boutiques. Soon after, we will head towards FlingerSraße to keep doing the same and to make a quick stop at a local café to have a local drink. After we’ve recovered our strength, we will head to Carlstadt, a fashion district renown for its different antique and vintage shops, jewelry stores, and local galleries. After our visit to this district, we will go to Königsallee, a catwalk for fashionistas and the perfect place for fashion connoisseurs to stroll and a paradise for luxury shoppìng. We will stop at some iconic shops at this district, just to head right after to Schadowstraße, the city’s longest shopping street and a place to virtually find everything.

We get you the best deals and take your photos!
Possible add-ons: transportation, dining, spa, helicopter ride and accommodation.

Package includes

      What we will provide:

      Complimentary style report at the end of the tour

      30 min video styling

      A shopping tour with a top local stylist

      Shopping and styling at the same time

      To discover local brands, stores and designers

      Fashion loyalty program which might include store discounts.

      You can always choose your favorite stores

      -What to bring

      • Lots of energy and attitude!

      -Where we’ll be

      • Altstadt
      • FlingerSraße
      • Carlstadt
      • Königsallee
      • Schadowstraße

      Upcoming Availability - Available upon request

      Keep this in Mind - We will provide a 30min virtual styling at the end of the tour.

      Group Size - up to 6 people

      Who can come - anyone who loves fashion


      Price for one person:
      Half-day from 10 am to 2 pm: $400
      Full day from 9 am to 5 pm: $700
      - group size 2-6
      Half day from 10am to 2pm: $600
      Full day from 9am to 5pm: $1000


      8 hours
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      Shopping tour in Dusseldorf, Germany!
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