Historic fashion tour in Antwerp & shopping spree

Historic fashion tour in Antwerp & shopping spree

During this tour, we will visit the shops, buildings and other significant places that helped to turn Antwerp into the fashion city it is today, plus a shopping-spree in these places with a fashion expert. We will start our tour either by arranging transportation to pick you up at your hotel or by meeting you directly at Kaasstraat, where we will get a classic Belgian breakfast, as well as we will start our historic tour.

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Possible add-ons: transportation, dining, spa, helicopter ride, and accommodation.

This experience will be followed by heading towards Groenplaats, Antwerp’s biggest square, where we will be hunting for fashion goods and other local gifts and accessories that you can get for your loved ones who are back home. Soon after, we will be visiting 7 more iconic shopping streets in Antwerp’s biggest fashion districts, where we will shop for local fashion pieces and accessories with the company of our fashion expert, who will explain the history and importance of some fashion boutiques and iconic places.

Package includes

What we will provide:

Complimentary style report at the end of the tour

30 min video styling

A shopping tour with a top local stylist

Shopping and styling at the same time

To discover local brands, stores, and designers

Fashion loyalty program which might include store discounts.

You can always choose your favorite stores

-What to bring

  • Lots of energy and attitude!

-Where we’ll be

  • Kaasstraat
  • Groenplaats
  • Graanmarkt or Kammenstraat
  • Nationalestraat
  • Steenhouwersvest
  • Kloosterstraat

Upcoming Availability - Available upon request

Keep this in Mind - We will provide a 30min virtual styling before the start of the tour.

Group Size - up to 8 people

Who can come - anyone who loves fashion


Price for one person:
Half-day from 10 am to 2 pm: $400
Full day from 9 am to 5 pm: $700
- group size 2-6
Half day from 10am to 2pm: $600
Full day from 9am to 5pm: $1000
8 hours
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Historic fashion tour in Antwerp & shopping spree
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