Stockholm is the host of the country’s semiannual style week. With its minimalistic fashion designs, the city is one of the most visited in Europe. Can we take you for a ride to this amazing Scandinavian gem?

Shopping City Stockholm
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59 Vintage StoreHantverkargatan 59, 112 31 Stockholm

AB Look MrKlarabergsgatan 35, 111 21 Stockholm

AB MarimekkoNorrmalmstorg 4, 111 46 Stockholm

ABCDJakobsbergsgatan 3, 111 44 Stockholm

APLACE - BrunogallerianGötgatan 36, 118 26 Stockholm

ASKET HQ & ShowroomDalagatan 27, 113 24 Stockholm

AdisgladisWollmar Yxkullsgatan 8, 118 50 Stockholm

Amoress StockholmArtillerigatan 6, 114 51 Stockholm

AureaVitaÖsterlånggatan 41, 111 31 Stockholm

Austrian LookNybrogatan 61, 114 40 Stockholm

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Top shopping areas in Stockholm
Shopping City Stockholm

Do you like natural colors, simple designs, and high-quality fabrics? If so, you definitely should visit this city. Asides of its interesting, contemporary buildings and its giant art museums, Stockholm also offers a very good amount of exclusive boutiques and stores of local artists and designers. Simplicity is the keyword that characterizes the style of one of Scandinavia's biggest capitals.

DrottninggatanDrottninggatan is a lively street full of local shops, pubs, cafes, and restaurants. If you decide to come here, don't forget to visit Clas Ohlson, which has great products of all types at really good prices. Drottninggatan is also commonly referred to as the “Queen’s Street”, and by walking through it, you will see stunning statues, monuments, and churches.
HamngatanAt Hamngatan you will find fashion stores like & Other Stories, Acne studios, and Uniqlo, which are all located in this area.This area is definitely a place where you will have a great shopping experience.
SturegallerianSturegallerian is a very big, fancy shopping center where you can buy almost everything you might need. Asides of finding shopping stores, you can also go for a drink in its bars and its dine in its restaurants to grab a snack after a long shopping tour. You will be stunned by the interior design of this place!
BiblioteksgatanAlthough the name Biblioteksgatan may be related in some languages to a library, this place is actually a street in the heart of Stockholm. Biblioteksgatan is a well-known shopping street with many luxurious brand stores and some of the highest rent levels for retail in Stockholm. 
Designers in Stockholm
Simon Ekrelius
Anne-Sofie Back
Isabella Idberg
Erïk Bjerkesjö
Ida Klamborn
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