As one of the world’s leading and popular destination, Lisbon has positioned itself as a  must-go place for everyone. Let us take you around the city with our local stylists.

Shopping City Lisbon
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21 PR Concept StorePraça do Príncipe Real 21, 1250-096 Lisboa, Portugal

351486, R. Anchieta, 1200-087 Lisboa, Portugal

39A CONCEPT STORER. Alexandre Herculano 39A, 1250-009 Lisboa, Portugal

A Outra Face da Lua (Baixa)R. Assunção 22, 1100-044 Lisboa, Portugal

Alperce (Lisboa)R. da Misericórdia 49, 1200-283 Lisboa, Portugal

Atelier David FerreiraR. Rodrigues Sampaio 21, 1150-139 Lisboa, Portugal

BIMBA Y LOLACC Colombo, Avda. Lusíada, 1500-392 Lisboa, Portugal

Bisset ShopR. Dom Pedro V 56B, 1250-094 Lisboa, Portugal

Breed urban concept storeR. Nova do Almada 47, 1200-288 Lisboa, Portugal

BudaAv. Eng. Duarte Pacheco 30, 1250-096 Lisboa, Portugal

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Top shopping areas in Lisbon
Shopping City Lisbon

Lisbon’s clothing style is very casual and laid-back. However, as a European capital, whenever you find yourself in Lisbon, do not hesitate to add some dressy elements, such as dresses, leggings or tights. This magical city has a one-of-a-kind Mediterranean vibe, which is why you need to be in-style to fully explore everything Lisbon has to offer.

Cork & CoIn here, you will see that anything is possible with the use of cork, the eco-friendly material that Portugal is famous for, and which is presented here in the form of fashion, accessories and furniture.
A Vida PortuguesaThis is the place that attracted the attention of locals.  A Vida Portuguesa offers long-forgotten products made in Portugal, as well as it satisfies the curiosity of the tourists who enjoy retro packaging.
Outra Face da LuaIf you are an adept of old and vintage clothes, accessories, purses, bags, and shoes, you must definitely visit this store.
EmbaixadaEmbaixada is a concept store whose rooms are distributed into two floors dedicated to lifestyle products, mostly from Portuguese designers and other local and international brands.
Loja Da BurelWool is a genuine Portuguese product that comes from the Serra de Estrella mountain range that lies across the center of the country. Loja de Burel’s shop puts wool into a variety of innovative uses, such as protective tablet covers and backpacks.
Designers in Lisbon
Alexandra Moura
Alves Goncalves
Anabela Baldaque
Dino Alves
Fatima Lopes
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