Hamburg’s charm resides in its historical, cultural, and wide-open spaces. Fashion is no exception, come for a ride with us to Hamburg!

Shopping City Hamburg
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& Other StoriesBei der Stadtwassermühle, Neuer Wall 20, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

0039 Italy Store Hamburgin der Kaisergalerie, Große Bleichen 27, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

5 Secrets Fashion StoreGroße Theaterstraße 39, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

ANNETTE RUFEGER ModeMarktstraße 119, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

APROPOS The Concept Store Hamburg MenNeuer Jungfernstieg 6, 20345 Hamburg, Germany

Acne Studios Neuer WallNeuer Wall 63, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

American VintageBleichenbrücke 10, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Animal TracksGroße Theaterstraße 43, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Anita HassEppendorfer Landstraße 60, 20249 Hamburg, Germany

AppelrathCüpperHeegbarg 31, 22391 Hamburg, Germany

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Top shopping areas in Hamburg
Shopping City Hamburg

Away from the buzz of Berlin city lies Hamburg, its cold port and its authentic style vibes. While Germany’s second-largest city is a national emblem due to its imposing modern architecture, culture, and history, its fashion districts, shops, and boutiques are making a difference in European style trends.

Neuer WallPerpendicular to Jungfernstieg Street is the “most fashionable” street in terms of the quality of its shops and boutiques is Neuer Wall. Here you can find world's brands “Louis Vuitton”, “Chanel”, “Hermes”, “Versace”, “Dolce & Gabbana”, “Fendi”, “Burberry”, “Prada”, “Gucci” “Giorgio Armani” and others. There are also boutiques whith luxury watches and jewels. 
SpitalerstrasseThe pedestrian street Spitalerstrasse in Central Hamburg's shopping district ranks among the ten most-visited streets in Germany.​​​​​​​ Spitalerstrasse (lit. Hospital Street) is an integral part of Central Hamburg’s shopping district. The pedestrian zone runs parallel to the Mönckebergstrasse street and ranks among the ten most visited streets in Germany. 
JungfernstiegJungfernstieg owes its name to the unmarried daughters of mostly wealthy Hanseatic families, who, on Sundays, were often taken here for a stroll — a rather casual, Hanseatic coming-of-age tradition. In 1838, Jungfernstieg became the first street to be sealed with asphalt. Today, this grand and gracious promenade on the shores of the Binnenalster is one of the most elegant shopping areas in Hamburg’s city centre.
AlsterarkadenGleaming white arcades adorn the waterfront at the Jungfernstieg promenade with an elegant, Mediterranean charm. A perfect destination for an afternoon stroll, the shopping galleries offer designer clothes, exclusive jewelry, luxury dining and unexpected Art Nouveau frescoes.
Colonnaden The elegant Colonnaden pedestrian street features magnificent Wilhelminian architecture and specialty boutiques.​​​​​​
KarolinenviertelIf you’re looking for unique fashion items this is the place for you. The most famous designer on the block is Bent Angelo Jensen whose male fashion label Herr von Eden is distinguished by its avant-garde yet elegant and timeless looks.
Designers in Hamburg
Herr von Eden
Ladage & Oelke
Peter Hahn
Annette Rufeger
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