Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable cities in South America. Here, national designers often get inspired by the local artists and the Italian culture, whose synergy explains the creation of their unique styles.

Shopping City Buenos Aires
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A.G. StorePaso 544, C1031ABL CABA, Argentina

Agostina BianchiThames 1733, C1414DDI CABA, Argentina

Agostina BianchiThames 1733, C1414DDI CABA, Argentina

Aires HotAv Pueyrredón 195, av pueyrredon 209, av pueyrredon 07, av pueyrredon 241, C1032ABB CABA, Argentina

AlenisAv. Santa Fe 1388, C1123AAS CABA, Argentina

Alfis JeansAguirre 614, C1414ASN C1414ASN, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alicar FASHIONSan Nicolás 411, C1407DCG CABA, Argentina

All City Hip-Hop StoreGalería Bond Street, Av. Santa Fe 1670, C1060ABP CABA, Argentina

Alma MíaGalería Colon, Florida 362, C1005AAH CABA, Argentina

An Original PenguinVicente López 2050, C1113 CABA, Argentina

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Top shopping areas in Buenos Aires
Shopping City Buenos Aires

For Argentinians, fashion takes a very important place in their everyday living. This might explain why their capital is full of all kinds of shops, from second-hand markets to local designers and luxury world-famous brands. Let's not forget also about their stunning street art, museums, galleries, delicious restaurants, and bars. What else can we ask from such an amazing city? Probably to pay it a visit!

Feria De Plaza SerranoHere you can buy a lot of incredible things and handicrafts, including one of the most popular national souvenirs. 
Avenida Santa FeAvenida Santa Fe is one of the main shopping street in Buenos Aires. Here you can find luxury salons, which offer fashionable designer clothes, and here are the most prestigious lingerie shops in the city. This area has a large selection of jewelry stores.
Galerías PacíficoAleria Pacifico is a shopping center located on the corner of Florida and Avenida Cordoba. This is one of the most important and traditional buildings of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
El Buen OrdenIf you consider yourself as a hipster and you like to dig for extraordinary vintage clothes and accessories from brands like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton at a good price, this is your place. El Buen Orden has been in the same location for over 17 years and it is now a favorite amongst locals with an eccentric taste.
Designers in Buenos Aires
Ian Van Lierde
Chain Garcia
Martin Churba
Min Agostini
Benito Fernandez
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