What to wear in Rome this Summer


If you are planning a trip to Rome this Summer, you absolutely need to understand the intricacies of the local fashion rules. We will give you the best tips on how to dress in the capital of Italy.

The weather is scorching

You might find yourself so overwhelmed by the heat that all concept of style goes out. Choose breathable material like cotton and linen. Do not forget about rose gold jewelry, and, of course, white silk.

Modesty is the key

Visiting religious places like the Vatican requires modest clothes. Be sure to bring at least one church-appropriate outfit with you. The best solution for women — airy dresses that cover your knees and arms.

Wear beige

As well as shortbread, caramel, coffee-and-milk-colored. If you are a woman, combine all shades of beige in one outfit, if a man, you can even buy a beige suit. The chicest option for men — not just beige, but beige checkered suit!

Do not forget the scarf and sunglasses!

Scarf and sunglasses are constants in the Italian wardrobe. Glasses can never be forgotten at home, even if there are fog and rain outside. The scarf adorns any outfit.


For shoes in Rome, there is also a dress code. It should be as comfortable as possible to able long walks or shopping trips. The entire neighborhoods are lined with paving stones which is also an argument to wear comfortable shoes. Evening walks in the capital require their uniform too. You will not find Romans who eat in shorts and sandals. Include one pair of shoes and one outfit that can be worn for dining out or night time walking in the capital of Italy.

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