What to pack for a trip to Dubai


"The world is beautiful because it is diverse" is a phrase we hear a lot. And it is true because as wisdom teaches us, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

So if you like to travel and discover the world, it is important that before you leave you know the rules and customs and inquire about local customs regarding clothing.

Dubai is one of the most important cities in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. Despite the fact that it is a traditional Arab country whose official religion is Islam, it is a very open country that accepts cultural diversity. However, you still have to be careful about what you wear.

If you are planning a trip to Dubai and wondering how to dress in Dubai, we answer all your questions in this article.

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What to pack for a trip to Dubai

What can I wear

Short pants (covering the knees) can be worn in Dubai.

Women can wear skirts, but preferably not above the knees.

In fact, you can safely wear pants, skirts and T-shirts, as long as they are not too tight, short, low-cut and provocative.

As for swimwear, you can go to the beach in a bikini, as long as it is not too provocative or skimpy. Of course, topless is prohibited.

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What to pack for a trip to Dubai

What I cannot wear

Shorts for men and women cannot be worn.

Miniskirts cannot be worn.

Avoid transparent clothing.

Going around shirtless is not allowed

Women are not required to wear headscarves or burqas. But be aware that in mosques women must cover their heads.

Speaking of mosques, the only mosque in the emirate that allows non-Muslims is the Jumeirah Mosque. While in Abu Dhabi, non-Muslims can enter the most important mosque in all of the UAE, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, also known as the White Mosque of Abu Dhabi.

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What to pack for a trip to Dubai

What to pack

If you go to Dubai in summer, be sure to bring a light jacket and perhaps a scarf, which is very useful for entering mosques as much as it is for sheltering from the ever-abundant air conditioning in public places.

Don't forget to pack something to cover your head, always a great idea for hot days, and sunscreen, a great ally for making the most of our

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What to pack for a trip to Dubai

When to go to Dubai

How to dress in Dubai is somewhat related to when to go to Dubai. In fact, the best time to go to Dubai is from November to March. But if you want to discover the interesting city of Dubai in summer, don't worry because every place is air-conditioned. For example, you can spend the daytime hours in a shopping mall such as Dubai Mall.

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What to pack for a trip to Dubai

Tips for fighting the heat

Dubai is a city whose summers record high temperatures and winters can also be quite warm. So if you go to Dubai in the summer and sure it is hot, we will give you some tips to follow:

Use light clothes in natural, breathable fabrics that are not very tight or provocative.

Always wear a bandana or hat, especially during the hottest hours.

Should I have special clothing for a desert safari?

We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing. For men, cotton pants are recommended, and for women, loose shirts or pants and loose sweaters are recommended to deal comfortably with the sandy surface, in case you are surfing in the sand or similar activities. Bring a sweatshirt with you as well; it gets cold in the evenings.

We also recommend that you wear sandals rather than closed shoes, and that you have sunglasses. We also recommend wearing as little jewelry as possible, and personal items in general.

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