What is Styling?


Styling is a way to present yourself to others in a different and unique manner. It all starts with evaluating someone's figure and silhouette to see which clothes fit best. Good styling helps you shape up your unique identity and your own personal brand which is so important in today's day and age. The purpose of the stylist's work is to help you become an expert in shaping your image, so you can connect with your style through your own “I”.

The profession of a stylist was born in the 1980s and developed in the 1990s when glossy fashion magazines sold very well. However, this profession has a more serious history than you might think. Marie Antoinette, the wife of Louis XVI, King of France, was very passionate about the fashion world and had, in addition to a huge wardrobe, a man who advised her on what to wear.

Personal stylist brings you an opportunity not only to create for yourself through your perfectly balanced wardrobe but also to save time and money. If you work with your own stylist, you will not have unnecessary things in your wardrobe and an eternal problem of “nothing to wear - nowhere to put” will disappear. 

Behind the image of every world famous style icon, there is always a whole army of assistants, stylists, and personal shoppers. As a rule, the successful appearance of a celebrity on the red carpet is the result of the whole team's work. Because Hollywood stars understand the importance of red carpets and how they influence their professional careers, they always use the services of shoppers-stylists when choosing a particular image.

We offer a particular travel in style service, which means we always take you shopping with top local stylists wherever you go. These stylists will make you fall in love with style and fashion. Once you are in love with your own style and fashion, this love lasts forever. 

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