Top 5 virtual travel experiences


After being forced to stay home for over a year, more people felt the need to travel and explore new places. As a result, thanks to technology, you can now travel virtually to the most popular historic places all around the world. We have prepared 5 travel experiences you can enjoy from your home. 

1- The Great Wall of China

You can now visit the world’s largest and oldest man-made military structure, from your home, with just a click of a button. Dating back to 2000 years ago, the Great Wall of China is a 20 000 km hike from the east seaside to the desert of western China. It is a series of fortifications, build from ancient remains to form a defense wall.

Fun fact: The bricks of the walls were sealed by glutinous rice flour, known as ‘sticky rice’ to keep it strong and waterproof. 

Click here to explore the wall through a 360 experience and learn about its history with a guided expert.

Top 5 virtual travel experiences

2- The Louvre, France

Visit the galleries, the art, and the palace's architecture of the most famous museum in the world and see the most famous art piece, the Monalisa. You can learn about France's history not only through the art pieces but also with guided and interactive online podcasts. 

Click here for the virtual tour.

Top 5 virtual travel experiences

3- Central Park, New York

Traveling virtually can also just be going to one of the biggest and most recognized parks in the world, visiting popular landscapes and landmarks, and learning about the important events that took place in the park. For many New Yorkers, Central Park is an escape from the city to encounter nature, it welcomes millions of visitors many unaware of the Park's rich history.

The park is not only a popular filming site for classics like When Harry Met Sally, Home Alone, and Romeo + Juliet; but it also held great movements and protests that changed lives in America.

Fun fact: For 70 years, the Sheep Meadow was originally the home to pure sheep which were brought in to repurpose the lawn and keep it manicured. 

For the guided virtual tours, click here.

Top 5 virtual travel experiences

4- Baalbek, Lebanon

This historic site might not be as popular as the others but if you want to discover new places and historic landmarks you should explore Baalbek in Lebanon. Built thousands of years before Rome by the Roman Empire, Baalbek is significant like Pompeii. Using advanced technologies, German archaeologists reconstructed what the ruins looked like in the 3rd century AD. It includes the Temple of Jupiter Heliopolitanus, the Temple of Bacchus, the Temple of Venus, and the Temple of the Muses.

Click here to choose how you would like to travel and discover these Roman temples through the Baalbek Reborn virtual tour.

Top 5 virtual travel experiences

5- Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is on many people's travel bucket lists. One day you might be able to go there physically but for now, don't waste any more time and visit this incredible site online. The 360° tour allows you to discover ancient places and take you on a virtual hike or raft trip. You can also watch videos and play games to discover the site in a more interactive and fun way.

Click here for the virtual tours.

Top 5 virtual travel experiences
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