The most fantastic resorts in Italy


Unique European country, located on the mainland, Italy, is washed on all sides by amazing seas. Each of them creates its own unique beaches. The most luxurious resorts are located along the shores of the Ligurian Sea and the picturesque beaches of Sardinia.


The best resorts in Italy cannot be imagined without Puglia — the eastern region of the peninsula. The Puglia region is known for the unique confluence of the two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian, as a result of which there are beautiful karst caves, rocky bays, red corals, refuge capes, coastal terraces, and dunes. The beach in Polignano a Mare, south of the city of Bari, is one of the most charming and cozy on the Adriatic coast and in the whole Puglia.

San Fruttuoso

On the northwestern coast of Italy, washed by the Ligurian Sea, at the foot of the mountain, descending from Portofino, a pearl of the Roman era is hidden in an amazing bay. This magical place is called San Fruttuoso, and it’s in Liguria, around halfway by boat between chi-chi Portofino and the family resort of Camogli. You can admire everything from this resort, at a depth of fifty meters, the underwater miracle — the favorite research object for divers.


Calabria is the beating heart of the Italian spirit. It is the toe of a boot, the form of which has the Apennine Peninsula. Here any wishes come true. Who appreciates the beauty of nature can go deep into the region and discover virgin landscapes, green expanses stretching to the horizon, interrupted only by the blue color of the lakes and waterfalls.

For those who plunge into the crystal clear sea and relax under the sun — stay at the intimate boutique hotel Rocca Della Sena with direct access to the Tropea beach via a private stairway that opens out into a beautiful sea-view terrace.

Monte Argentario, Tuscany

The Tuscan Archipelago is a part of the large island Argentario. A mountain rising from the sea, and connected to the mainland only by three narrow isthmuses, Monte Argentario has an entirely different feel from the rest of the Tuscan coast. The resort is perfect for sailing lovers.

Chia, Sardinia

The list of seaside resort cities in Italy would be incomplete without the magnificent beaches of Chia, located on the southern coast of Sardinia. In addition to the dunes and bays, tourists visit because of the unusual fauna: pink flamingos, carefree fallow deer, and majestic deer. Spacious, with white powdery sand and surprisingly clear water.

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