The best places to take your Instagram perfect picture when visiting Madrid


There is no doubt that Madrid is full of sites that are a true feast for the eyes. Here are our favorite instagrammable places in Madrid you should visit. And don’t forget to lift your gaze from your phone to appreciate the spectacle in front of you with your own eyes!

 — Madrid’s largest and oldest railway junction. Atocha Station is located in the historic center of the city and is adjacent to the Prado Boulevard and Museum, the central Puerta del Sol and the Arenal pedestrian promenade, which leads to the Royal Palace.

The observation deck is located on the roof of the, located at 42 Alcalá. You can climb there by elevator. There is also a conceptual cafe on the roof. Along the edge of the roof, there is an unpleasant fence, but in some places, you can crawl under it and then you will get wonderful photos.

Another beautiful place is the Templo de Debod. Egyptian temple of the II century BC e. set in the Quartel de la Montagna park near Plaza de España. This is one of the most magical places in Madrid. The afternoon light shining on the temple is magnificent. It is one of the most romantic places for every kind of photoshoots.

The Royal Palace is one of the most important attractions in Madrid. Visitors are free to walk through the numerous rooms and banquet rooms. If you go outside and on the roof, you’ll find even more Instagram-worthy possibilities.

The 45-meter building named  has unusual beauty: it is decorated with various figures and ornaments, allegorical sculptures are installed on strict Corinthian columns, and a black slate dome is crowned with a statue of the goddess Nika. The sculptural facade of the Renaissance will be a great place for a photoshoot, day and night when the lighting looks amazing.

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