The 3 favourite trends for this Fall


As the year goes on, and we mostly spend it at home probably in pajamas, it is time to go back to the real world geared with a facemark and the best accessories! 

There are many previewed trends for this fall but here are our favorite ones, the most sophisticated, and exiting ones that we have tried and loved.

Silk Scarves

The silk scarf, the perfect accessory to make your outfit look unique, fresh, and sophisticated. It is a classic item that brings personality and individuality into your everyday style. This trend has been around for a long time, and it's not going away any time soon. You can style them in several different ways; around your neck, tied around your hair, hung around your bag, etc. It is a simple accessory that you can style with anything!

The 3 favourite trends for this Fall


Although knitwear is mostly associated with winter wardrobe, which is growing popularity during the spring and fall, knitwear has become increasingly popular all year round. There are plenty of knitwear looks, but the best for fall are these; the knit polo shirt, thin ribbed cardigans and knit with floral embroidery.

The polo is a classic t-shirt you can wear when you can’t think of anything else and you know it will look good, imagine a knitted one, not only will it look good, it is an easy and comfy choice, plus in knit you can be sure you will be in style.

Think ribbed cardigan is the perfect sweater for the fall, when the weather begins to be a little fresh and you need something light to keep you warm, this is the perfect piece. 

Last but not least, knitted sweaters with floral embroidery, I know you must be thinking “Florals? For fall? Groundbreaking” but there's something about flowers people just can’t resist, and least of all if it's in knit. 

The 3 favourite trends for this Fall

Nude on Nude 

Different shades of nude and beige put together will make you fall in love. Mixing nude colors gives you a fresh and clean look that makes you look refined and sophisticated. Layering different tones that go well together can make you look elegant; perfect for a lunch date, work meeting or for any casual outing. Try pairing nude tones with beige, pink and white, mixing hues will make your outfit stand out!

The 3 favourite trends for this Fall
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