Stylists' Tips - How to pack the perfect suitcase


Before you pack for a trip you must answer a few questions: How long will be your vacation? How is the weather there? What kind of events will you attend (concerts, exhibitions, fashion event)?

Here are some tips from stylists on how to select the perfect pieces from your wardrobe and travel light looking good both on the plane and at your destination. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to look stylish on the road.


A few days before the trip, put out a bag with your first draft of clothes, and then try to create some outfits’ ideas based on the weather and the luggage’s space. That prep will save a lot of time before and during your trip. If you want to pack more stuff than the space you have, you can use vacuum travel bags that compress your clothing down to a fraction of its original size.


Pick the colors based on where you’re going. If you’re headed to Milan or any urban destination, the best color combinations are the black, white and navy. For a beach vacation always work khaki and bright hues like orange or yellow. Always pack a lightweight scarf that’s long enough to cover your head and shoulders, in case it gets cold. 


Shoes significantly affect any outfit. A week before the trip, check your plans for adventures, events, going to clubs and restaurants, it’s very important when choosing the right shoes. You don’t need more than three pairs of shoes on any trip. Comfortable daytime shoe to walk around in, sneakers, mules or sandals for evenings. For men, it is easiest. They can generally get by with two pairs: sneakers and loafers.


Hat and glasses instantly create a holiday mood. Bring also a cosmetic bag that can pass for a clutch: for everything you need ( telephone, room keys, wet wipes, and cash) on the beach or at the party. Men alternatively should consider a few pairs of bright socks in fun patterns, to add a bit of personality to basic outfits.


So that the cosmetic bag does not turn into a separate suitcase, we strongly recommend taking only the miniatures of your main products with you. Travel versions of shampoo and balm and face wipes that quickly solve the problem of unwanted shine. You can also bring along your favorite fragrance in a mini-format so you can take it with you on the airplane. 

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