Street style: how do residents of Amsterdam dress


The mood of the city is set by its permanent residents, who rush to the office every morning, walk in the parks on weekends, and gather in the evening in their favorite bars. There are some elements in a wardrobe of the Amsterdam residence, which differ them from other fashionable cities.

Faux fur coats

You will ask, — how in a climate where it often rains, you can give preference to artificial fur coats? But this is the fact. On the streets, you can find both color options and more neutral and light shades. It is fashionable not only among young girls but also among older Dutch women.

Voluminous warm scarf

People who live in the city loves to make fun of the Summer weather, “Summer in Amsterdam is the most wonderful period of the year.” The season gives a good amount of wind and rain, the only way to try to hide from the weather is to dig deep into your long, warm scarf. They prefer checked and monochrome options.

Elegant shades of beige

Fashionable people in Amsterdam easily distinguish sand shade from straw, coffee, and almond, and at the same time, they combine all of them in elegant outfits. The street style is proof of that.

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