Steal the look — Keanu Reeves


Millionaires and billionaires do not necessarily look like typical “rich guys.” Brand clothes, expensive cars, huge mansions, and gourmet food — this is not always about them. Some rich people like Keanu Reeves look and behave like ordinary guys — and if you meet him on the street, you will never guess that he is turning millions.

The unsociable and eternally pensive Keanu Reeves doesn’t look like a lover of experiments — but so far it’s not about personal care. Keanu Reeves not only dresses very modestly but lives very simply. The actor is often seen walking alone around the city, he often uses public transport — for example, the subway. As for the clothes, it does not seem to bother at all. And if the whole world did not know his face, he could easily merge with the crowd.

Keanu Reeves favorite casual ensemble is jeans combined with a jacket or coat, which the actor usually complements with a scarf, hat, and beard style.

More recently, the 54-year-old actor became the protagonist of the latest issue of the American male glossy GQ. In black and white, Reeves poses in classic trouser suits from premium brands such as Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton, a black leather coat and coat from the new Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello men’s collection, as well as stylish Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses and men’s jewelry Tiffany & Co. collections.

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