Steal his style: Justin Timberlake


Few young pop stars manage to reach the pinnacle of adulthood, but Justin Timberlake did it. Throughout his career, he reached new heights in both creativity and the fashion world. He has an impeccable taste these days, but that was not always the case.

The late 1990s, period ’N Sync, Justin’s style leaves much to be desired. As a member of the boy band, Timberlake most often wore baggy items, weird hats, oversized jeans, and jumpers. The only thing that Justin was able to do during this dark period was to choose sunglasses.

After the breakup of the group, Justin began a solo career and a new stage in the knowledge of the fashion world. Although his outfits still remain a little baggy, they look much better. So in his wardrobe appeared classic pants, leather jackets, and nice hats.

The 2000s — the period of formation of the foundations of Justin’s style. Then the regulars of his outfits were classic shirts, jeans, and white sneakers. Timberlake learned to correctly combine the things, and most importantly — to choose them by size.

With the release of the 20/20 Experience album in 2013, Timberlake culminated in his style. He not only appeared on the cover of the album in a Tom Ford suit but also began to be friends with the designer. After his paths crossed with Ford, each of his formal exits became one hundred percent hit on target. Most often, Timberlake chooses a classic black tuxedo, suits of gray and blue shades, a white shirt and ties to match the suit. In everyday life, he combines jeans, shirts, bomber jackets, and leather jackets. Instead of oxford shoes or sneakers. The accessories remain unchanged — hats and glasses.

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