Shopping with a Stylist


The work of a personal stylist is not just a shopping trip. In fact, shopping is only a small part of the whole process. The process starts with defining the goals the client wants to achieve by changing their external image.

It is important to the professional understand all the little things about you and immerse to your daily rhythm of life, in order to achieve the most effective results. So don’t feel bad if your stylist asks too many questions before the shopping day.

Next stop, shopping! The stylist will choose the stores depending on the budget, the number of necessary clothes and the style he/she has defined for you. Basically, shopping takes 2–4 hours, the time depends on how many sets you need to assemble, and how quickly you will find a common language with your stylist.

How to prepare for shopping?

We recommend taking with you some of the pieces of clothes you already have in order to match with the new ones and create the perfect outfit, visual research of what you like (some images from magazines, catalogs, street-style), comfortable shoes and clothes that are easy to take off because you will confront many fittings.

Many clients feel the necessity of taking someone else with them (husband, wife, friend, etc.) when they first try shopping with a stylist. The process of effective shopping requires efficiency and the right emotional state, so it’s recommended to you go only with your professional, in order to not get distracted and focus on your goals.

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