Shopping tips for Dubái


Shopping tips for Dubai

In 25 years, Dubai grew impressively to the point of becoming one of the most luxurious cities and one of the most impressive on the planet, it is a city known for its eccentricities, luxury and for having the tallest building of all the world. Dubai offers attractions that in no other city you could find, which is why it became one of the dream destinations for many people: a high-class trip and the perfect place for lovers of shopping, Dubai has become a paradise for shopping. jewelry lovers since in this city one of its great attractions is the largest shopping centers in the world.

Today at LookStyler we want to share with you some options of the best places you should visit to go shopping.

Dubai Mall

It may sound logical, but going to Dubai without visiting the largest shopping center in the world would be crazy. This is a mandatory stop for shopping in this city, it is a really impressive place; to the point that it has more than 1200 shops, a huge aquarium, movie theaters, and even a hotel .. Finding this beautiful place will be easy as it is located in the tallest building in Dubai, the immense and impressive complex that receives the name from Burj Khalifa and which is next to the Dubai Fountain.

Shopping tips for Dubái

Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta is the name given to a popular Arab traveler, who is honored in this enclosure. This shopping center seeks to recreate the countries that the traveler visited 8 centuries before China, India, Egypt, Tunisia, Andalusia. Ibn Battuta Mall is the largest themed mall in the world. In this place, you will find more than 270 stores, 50 restaurants, and 21 movie theaters. A place where you can travel to other parts of the world without having to leave Dubai.


Shopping tips for Dubái

 Souk Madinat Jumeirah

 This market is one of the essential visits in Dubai, since its architecture is reminiscent of the bazaars of the old Arab cities, being a sample of the contrasts of the city. The Souk Madinat Jumeirah is one of the most beautiful shopping places in the world: it is a place full of colors, decorations, and aromas. Its traditional architectural style contrasts with the luxurious buildings around it. This shopping center is located on the famous Jumeirah Beach Road, very close to one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai.

Shopping tips for Dubái
Shopping tips for Dubái
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