Shopping in Venice


Venice is a fabulous city that leaves a lasting impression for life. In memory of the trip to Venice, you should buy souvenirs and products created by the hands of Venetian craftsmen. There are also many exclusive boutiques which have their deep history and still sale unique clothing, shoes, and jewelry. What exactly to go for shopping in Venice?

Shopping Districts in Venice

One of the most fashionable shopping streets in Venice is Calle Larga 22 Marzo, you can stroll through it all day, admiring the shining shop windows of the boutiques. On this street are some of the most expensive and prestigious stores in the city, they sell unique designer clothes, designer bags, exclusive jewelry. Brands that do not need to be presented are holding their stores here: Chanel, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, Valentino, Hermes, Max Mara, and others.

The focus of the outlets of all stripes and calibers in old Venice is the so-called Mercury district, which stretches from Piazza San Marco to the Rialto Bridge. Here you can find literally everything: from clothes and shoes to interior items and unique designer products.

A large selection of shops with affordable prices is presented on Strada Nova. It’s important to note that the clothes and shoes presented here are of high quality.

There are many original specialized stores in Venice, with an exclusive, designers clothing. Here are the most popular of them:


Here, customers are offered original clothes in oriental style, for example, here you can buy luxurious kimonos or trousers made of natural silk. Even in this store, they sell very beautiful designer slippers. You can choose here also the chic dishes from a gilded bamboo.


Shoe boutique owned by the Segalin family. Their workshop has been shoeing the townspeople and visitors for over 70 years. The store is located on the mainland — in the satellite city of Venice — Mestre.

Fratelli Rossetti

The store is a well-known Italian brand that produces fine shoes, bags, and outerwear made of leather and fur.

Venice Shopping Malls:

T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi

One of the few shopping centers in the old city. It is located in the palace of Fondaco Dei Tedeschi on the banks of the Grand Canal, near the Rialto Bridge. It is worth visiting if not for shopping, then at least for the atmosphere of this historical place.

Coin Mestre

Another shopping center, but already on the mainland, is in the satellite city of Mestre. The place is the main shopping center in Venice. Here, shopping can be even more successful, because inside there are even more boutiques of various brands. The assortment of goods is wide enough: shoes, clothes, bags, home textiles, dishes, jewelry, and perfumes.

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