Shopping in Cape Town


Cape Town is a city on the edge of the African continent. In large city centers, you can find goods for every taste, from exclusive jewelry to stylish designer goods. We are sure, your shopping in Cape Town will be original, vibrant, useful and, of course, very colorful!

Canal Walk and Cape Quarter are over five hundred stores, including Home Mark with a huge selection of textiles, home decor, Cape Town outlets — Guess, Timberland, Lacoste, Accessories, Hugo Boss, La Senza and others.

Cape Town is famous for its elite jewelry stores and workshops, luxury jewelry for every taste can be found in the Uwe Koetter salon. In the pavilion is presented only a tenth of the goods available to customers, other jewelry can be appreciated thanks to the available catalogs and photographs. In this salon, visitors are always ready to make exclusive jewelry for individual orders.

Victoria Wharf is the largest and most popular shopping mall in Cape Town. To explore all its trading pavilions, the whole day will not be enough. Here is located the leading brands in the fashion industry. In addition, there are excellent seafood restaurants, because of the mall location, near the main port.

If you are looking for authentic African jewelry, we recommend visiting Dear Rae Salon. Here you will find the products only from the best masters of jewelry, both throughout Cape Town and in general in South Africa. Some of them are representatives of the entire dynasties, which are hundreds of years old.

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