Medium hair hairstyles: braids


Just look around: braids are everywhere now. Never before has the trend of braided hairstyles raged, from streetstyle to red carpets.Often believed that you necessarily need long hair to pull off a beautiful braid, it actually proves to be the ideal hairstyle even for those with hair that reaches no more than the shoulders. Not only that, braiding your hair is also a smart strategy to implement when you are waiting for your hair to grow out and oscillating between indefinite lengths. In short, it is just the case to browse through the ten best inspo about hairstyles for medium hair with braids.

Braids and hair: a combination that could be called atavistic, in fact, has anyone ever wondered why braids are done? Since ancient times people have braided their hair in different and specific ways, with the purpose of sending messages, for example about the tribe they belong to, social or religious status and so on. That of braids is also a kind of tradition that is passed down: who, as a child, did not happen to have a braided hairstyle done by her mother or grandmother? Today, beyond all that, hairstyles with braids are all the rage, and you don't necessarily need another person, or a hairstylist, to do them: inspirations for easy hairstyles that you can create on your own are really numerous.

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Hairstyles with simple braids

The best way to start is to do it with hairstyles with simple braids but, not for that reason, less impressive. A very fashionable hairstyle, which reinterprets braids in a gritty way, is the one in which a sharp parting in the center of the head divides the hair in half, to make two braids that start from the forehead and gather all the hair, tightly pulled, and then go down the neck and back, according to the length of the same hair. What is the name of this hairstyle? What are the two braids called? These are boxer braids, braids attached to the head that have the same ancient origin as cornrows: they can be made even with medium-length hair, since the decorative focus of the hairstyle is on the top of the head.

Hairstyles with braids around the head

Okay, let's be honest: making hairstyles with braids around the head, such that they encircle it like a crown, is not easy if you do not have long hair. In any case, there is a trick to make a hairstyle with medium hair that simulates milk braids, that is, the so-called milkmaid braids: just create the parting of the hair, preferably on the side, and start braiding the hair on the top of the head right from the two sides of the parting: the result will be two braids whose rendering is similar to a hair band, to be attached at the nape of the neck or behind the ears. In just a few gestures you can achieve one of the most impressive hairstyles with braids.

Medium hair hairstyles: braids

Hairstyles with French braids

Among the types of braids, those called French braids are the best for those with medium hair length.So how do you do French braids? You start by gathering the strands and braiding them starting from the hairline on the forehead and temples, so that much of the hairstyle can develop in adherence to the head. You can also create hairstyles with French braids composed of two or more pigtails.

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Hairstyles with elegant braids

The braid is a perfect hairstyle to show off on your way to an important event or a romantic evening: among the hairstyles with elegant braids for medium-length scaled hair is the herringbone or fishtail - fishtail - braid. High-impact, this braid looks much more complicated than it really is: the final effect, in fact, can easily show décoiffé, as small strands escaping from the braid do not affect the romantic elegance of the hairstyle, but rather characterize it. The best idea for medium hair is to make the fishtail braid extend crosswise, from one side of the head to the other, to which it should adhere.

Hairstyles with side braids

How to simulate a sidecut hairstyle without touching the razor? Simple, with hairstyles with side braids. The concept is to create a braid, of small or medium size, on one side of the head only, so that part adheres to the skin: with side braids the remaining hair is loose and floating, but with an undeniable special touch.

Hairstyles with braids and loose hair

Still on the subject of hairstyles with braids and loose hair, among the must-haves for those with a mid cut are waterfall braids. This is a hairstyle in which the weave transversely encircles the semi-circumference of the head, like a headband, while leaving the lengths free: in essence, it is yet another variation of the French braid.

Hairstyles with gathered braids

When talking about hairstyles with gathered braids, one immediately thinks of the chignon: to achieve it with medium-length hair, it is better to go for a low disheveled chignon. Doing the hairstyle in question is very simple: just make your favorite braid, secure it at the ends with an elastic and twist the length on itself, more or less at the height of the nape of the neck. Should the lengths allow it, you can also make a high braided chignon.

Medium hair hairstyles: braids

Hairstyles with braids for medium-short hair

How is it possible to create hairstyles with braids with short hair? Simply by focusing on the types of braids that start well adhered to the head: Dutch braids - a variant of French braids, with the inverted braiding method - and cornrows are the most suitable for indulging in the best hairstyles with braids for medium-short hair every day.

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Hairstyles with braids for ceremony

Just in case you want to choose hairstyles with braids for ceremony, it is advisable to go to a professional salon, especially when it comes to the hairstyle for the wedding. Despite a medium cut, for a ceremony hairstyles with long hair always seem to have more dramatic impact? No problem: a good hairdresser might decide to offer braided hairstyles for long hair simply by applying temporary extensions with clips. After the event, the hairstyle with long hair can immediately give way to the usual hairstyle, without trauma to the hair.

How to do wave hair with braids?

Leaving aside for a moment hairstyles for medium hair with braids, it is also interesting to talk about a practical application of the hairstyle in question: well, how to make hair waves with braids? To have beautiful natural waves, simply wash your hair and, while it is still damp, create one or more braids to hold on your head for several hours before undoing: in fact, the ideal time to carry out this operation is at night before going to bed. The smaller and tighter the braids are, the more dense waves will be achieved.

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