Locals Guide to Tulum


Everyone has heard, and probably been to Tulum, in the past decade this sizzling beach town has been become increasingly popular for tourists. Causing a 74% increase in tourism in the Mayan Rivera.

Locals Guide to Tulum

This vibrant town is one of the hottest destinations with its new age vibe, restaurants in the jungle and white sand beaches. Whether you have been to Tulum before or if this is your first time here are the must do’s during your vacation there.

For an unforgettable dip into nature are the Cenotes; are magical water holes, where an underwater cave system fills the caves with fresh water. There are thousands in the Yucatan peninsula.

The best Cenote to visit if you’re staying in Tulum is the Casa Cenote, this is an open cenote since the fresh body of water is connected to the sea. Although now that it is more popular it became very busy, it is one of our favorites, just make sure to reserve an early session for less crowding.

Locals Guide to Tulum


Hartwood restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in town for its food and ambiance, which makes this restaurant a must. The menu changes daily based on what the sea and land offer each day. Dishes are done by open fire, in wood-burning ovens, Hartwood uses ingredients rooted within the Mayan world and best of all, it is a zero-carbon footprint restaurant.


Arca is a restaurant located in the city center, they have a micro seasonal menu, which represent s the current local flora and fauna. A restaurant that offers dishes with bold and explosive flavors. Implementing Mexican roots and traditions into their dishes. Not only is the food spectacular, but the setting is decorative of the Mexican culture.

Locals Guide to Tulum

While you’re there, you can’t forget to visit the Mayan Ruins, they are very close by the hotel beach area, splendid 13th century ruins surrounded by white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Last but not least you can’t go to Yucatan and leave without visiting one of the Seven Wonders; Chichen Itza the preserved Mayan city. Here you can visit the Mayan temples, ball game courts, and a sacred Cenote. An impressive archeological site surrounded by incredible history that you cannot miss.

Locals Guide to Tulum
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