How to wear all denim


This trend is followed by all the most stylish celebrities and, of course, fashion influencers. Denim on denim won an honorable place in the collections of leading designers, and at the same time in the hearts of girls all over the world. Our stylists tell how to properly dress in denim from head to toe.

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The combination of a denim shirt and skinny jeans will never go out of style. Add to the set heels and minimalist jewelry and you are ready!


Wide trousers and cropped jacket jeans look great in the company of a bright top and bright shoes. Just look how perfect Gigi Hadid combine it! You can also use an oversized denim jacket as a shirt. 


Do not be afraid to mix different shades of denim in the same outfit. It can be a simple option, like white jeans and a blue jacket. And you can be a little more creative and wear dark blue pants and a light blue shirt. Lets experiment, fashion is fun! 


In addition to the usual denim clothes, you can find something special: a non-standard dress cut, overalls or a long jeans cardigan.

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