How to visit Mexico City in Style


Mexico City is a huge place where you could get lost in the vibrant atmosphere and the amazing culture. We guarantee that you will never run short of things to do in this capital city.


This is a prominent cultural center in Mexico City. It has hosted a lot of big events; the building has been called the cathedral of art in Mexico. It’ a staple figure on any Mexico City guide, and the building is best known for its impressive collection of murals, the beautiful tiled roof, and the Tiffany glass curtain.

How to visit Mexico City in Style


If you’re looking for fresh food, or even just want to soak up the sights, sounds, and smells of a traditional Mexican market Mercado de la Merced is a must. Here, you’ll find piles of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as plenty of food puestos. However, be careful you don’t get lost because walking there can be like walking in a maze.

How to visit Mexico City in Style


As one explores Frida Kahlo’s work more deeply and enjoys the privilege of getting to know her home, Discover Frida, her work, and her house. Her creative universe is to be found in the Blue House, the place where she was born and where she died. Following her marriage to Diego Rivera, Frida lived in different places in Mexico City and abroad, but she always returned to her family home in Coyoacán.

How to visit Mexico City in Style


While there is far more to Xochimilco than the colorful, iconic trajineras (canal type boats), which float up and down the many canals of the region daily, you can’t afford to bring a visit to this top tourist attraction.

How to visit Mexico City in Style


Our final must-visit Mexico City attraction is located just outside the city, in the State of Mexico. However, the famed and to this day mysterious Pirámides de Teotihuacán are some of the capital’s most accessible and impressive sets of archaeological ruins, so we couldn’t exactly leave them out! Climb the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and marvel over the lengthy Avenue of the Dead.

How to visit Mexico City in Style
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