How to Pack Light for a Short Trip


As holidays are just around the corner, many of you are probably planning a weekend trip or a short vacation. Packaging light is not always easy but if you follow these simple rules, you'll make the most of your trip without having to worry about any extra weight.

1- Get a Light Luggage

First of all, when you buy your luggage make sure it's light enough yet still fit a good amount of products. Don't hesistate to weight it before buying it! You don't want to find yourself with already a very heavy bag, it's not only difficult to carry around but you're also losing kilos that could be replaced by more personal items. 

2- Pack Mix and Match Outfits

The key to packing light is to make sure all your outfits can match together. First, you need to start by deciding on your color palette. Choose around three neutral colors and one or two pop colors. For example, you can choose navy, white and gray with purple and green to add color to your looks and be on-trend. This way, you will be able to create more outfits with fewer items.

3- Fewer bottoms, More tops

Now that you have you're color mood board, you can start packing the different items. We suggest having around one bottom for every two to three tops. You should also try to get different tops styles: short sleeves, long sleeves, thick, light, etc. 

4- Style with Accessories

Fortunately, accessories are not heavily weighted which allows you to pack a lot of different items to style and elevate your outfits. Packing lightly doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style, but instead, you'll be more comfortable throughout the whole trip.

5- The Lighter the Shoes, the Better

When deciding on which shoes to bring along, first you need to make sure that every pair is really different in terms of style and function. Second, decide on the lightest shoes in your wardrobe. Yes, you'd love to match your heavy Balenciaga sneakers with this certain outfit, but your Loewe still matches, and it’s much lighter.  

Here's an example of how we would pack for a 5 days trip:

How to Pack Light for a Short Trip

Our color palette is Black, Creme, and Red. 

We chose 2 bottoms, 4 tops, one dress, one coat and 2 pairs of shoes. Then we added red accessories to style the simple outfits; and on top of that, we could bring lots of necklaces for heavy layerings and around 2/3 pairs of earrings.

Tip: Try to add items that can work for both day and night.

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