How does virtual personal styling work


Buying things that adorn you, that you like, harmoniously combine with each other, and even at the best price - this is a whole science. A professional shopper stylist has been studying this art for more than one year. Therefore, shopping escort is not a luxury. This is a real saving of your time and money. Today we will tell you how to turn shopping from a chaotic shopping rush into a real pleasure. 

How does virtual personal styling work

Online support involves a preliminary online conversation about the preferences of the client, his wishes to the amount allocated for purchases. After clarifying these issues, the stylist collects information on the Internet, selects the necessary options for clothing, shoes, accessories. Further, the client receives links to the required product items. 

How does virtual personal styling work

Online shopping includes:

1. Determination of goals and objectives.

 2. Discussion of a shopping plan and budget.

 3. Selection and ordering things in a multi-brand online store, or store at your request.

4. The online support at the fitting (WhatsApp) or in-person 

5. Kit recommendations.

How does virtual personal styling work

With virtual shopping support, there are a number of advantages:

Saving time

The client does not need to spend hours wandering around the Web looking for suitable options - the specialist selects them in advance, taking into account the wishes of the lady or man. The plus is that for this you do not even need to leave the house, spending a lot of time searching for the required goods.

How does virtual personal styling work

Following the style idea

A stylist-image maker makes up some successful images from the proposed things, that is, items of clothing are not chosen randomly - the stylist selects sets presented in the smallest details. Moreover, the image-maker is well oriented to fashion brands, knows patterns, styles, and textures, which brands are most suitable for the client.

How does virtual personal styling work


It would seem a paradoxical point, but only at first glance. The fact is that professional stylists are well-versed in the sea of ​​network information, are aware of possible discounts, and sales of branded goods, therefore, as a result, the total purchase price will cost the client much cheaper, which will justify the cost of image-maker services.

How does virtual personal styling work
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