Hairstyling that makes your face visually thinner


Cool styling can change both mood and appearance. If you want to visually narrow your face, choose to style it with drop-down strands. Hypervolume and combed back hair, in this case, will not work. It is important to create straight vertical lines. Moreover, this rule works for all types of face.

Another option is an asymmetric parting. When all hair is combed on the one side, the width of the face visually decreases noticeably. But remember: you should not wind your hair very much — a voluminous hairstyle will expand your face even more.

There is another way to visually adjust facial features with styling. The first is a long bang that will hide a high and wide forehead. The second is a high ponytail. Strands falling from the hairstyle will hide wide cheekbones and narrow the forehead. And the last — perfectly straight loose hair in a straight parting, as singer Cher wears. They fall on the face, covering the ears and cheekbones. Due to the length, the face looks more elongated.

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