Haircut inspiration for medium-length hair


Cascading haircut for medium hair is still at the peak of fashion and is traditionally one of the most popular and beautiful women’s haircuts. The haircut “cascade” is also remarkable for the fact that it involves a large number of different styling options. Many Hollywood stars have long discovered the beauty and special charm of the simplicity of this haircut.

The haircut care for a medium length hair in the 2019 season is represented by a variety of shapes and fashionable variations. Elegant smooth medium-sized square with a clear geometric silhouette is still out of the competition. Perfectly elongated, well-groomed and shiny hair will give your haircut a refined bohemian chic.

Another fashionable variation of a care haircut of 2019 is a trapezoidal silhouette, while the hair can be not only curled but also straight.

Universal bob hairstyles for medium hair confidently hold their deserved positions in the 2019 season. You just have to choose from all the variety of this kind of haircut exactly the option that will emphasize the most charming features of your appearance and organically fit into your image.

To create a more stylish look in the 2019 season, we recommend paying attention to fashionable variations of a bob haircut with elongated side strands. The styling of such a haircut may be different. Both light natural wavy hair and smoothly elongated hair are welcome. Charming disheveled bob hairstyles are also the interesting and stylish novelty of the season.

If you are thinking about changing the style and making your image more vivid, we recommend paying attention to the asymmetrical hairstyles that are fashionable for the 2019 season for medium hair length. The versatility and variety of options for asymmetric hairstyles make them suitable for all types of faces and various age groups.

For asymmetrical curly or wavy hair of medium length, various asymmetric hairstyles look great, as well as bob style hairstyles elongated front strands.

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