Fall trends: Coats


Fall Trends: Coats

New-season of the year, new clothes in the closet, Yes! The coldest season of the year has arrived, the time when we see the streets full of fallen leaves from the trees, and it is exciting because autumn is always the best excuse to wear the best outfits of the year. It is a fact! The basic garment of every fashionista for fall should be a coat, this time at LookStyler we share a list of our favorite designs.

Belt Coats

Belted coats are a great option to wear, they are comfortable, adjustable, and give an elegant touch to our outfit. You can use these coats for those cold days in the city or for those afternoons when you go out for a walk with your best friend, with a coffee in hand.

Fall trends: Coats

Black coat

Yes, you may be thinking about it, another black coat? The answer is yes, basically because you can buy a black coat from the new collection of your favorite designer and because two is always better than one.

Fall trends: Coats

Plaid coat

Plaid coats are one of our favorites of the season, they are versatile, we can use them with short boots, sneakers, and with heels. It's time to buy one, or if you have one in your closet, use it, they are in fashion!

Fall trends: Coats

Trench coats

If there is any clothing that we should not leave out of our winter outfits, that must be the trench coat, a must-have of all years. Remember that the longest, the better.

Fall trends: Coats
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