Everything you need to know before buying your next watch


A watch is always a detail in an outfit, but also the character of its owner: someone that appreciates fashion and convenience or someone that appreciates fashion and prestige. However, for both the former and latter, there are general points to which you need to pay close attention when buying a watch.

A nuance is very important: the professional activity of the buyer. If the buyer is a businesswomen/men, a lawyer or a doctor, then the watch should correspond to this type of work — have a “classic” look and be a quality product, such as a Swiss watch.

The third nuance depends on the mechanism of the watch, mechanical or electronic. On the one hand, mechanical watches are quite convenient to maintain and durable, but on the other hand, you need to monitor their factory all the time, in addition, they have a relatively large accuracy error and their useful life is often directly proportional to operating conditions. Electronic clocks are highly accurate, but their durability is quite small: sometimes there are problems with the replacement of batteries or accumulators.

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