Eat like a Parisian


Paris is not only the city of love, but also the city of food. You can find all types of cuisine, restaurants, places and spaces. Since Paris is a classic place to visit no matter the time of the year, we decided to give you our five favorite classics for dining in Paris. You have the best options whether you want to continue your night after dinner in a clandestine bar, or just have a nice, relaxing and low key dinner.


Since it opened, Balagan has been the talk of the town. Located in the center of Paris in the ground floor of the Hôtel Renaissance Paris Vendôme. With its decorative and enticing plates you get a exiting spin on Israeli cuisine along with an incredible atmosphere. With the option to sit in the kitchen and get served by the chef personally, and last but not least a speakeasy bar just next to the entrance of the restaurant to have a drink and dance after your dinner. 

You have to make a reservation at least two weeks in advance if you want to secure a table, but it is worth the wait!

Eat like a Parisian


If you are in the mood for a laid back and cosy dinner this is the place for you! This tiny restaurant had the best ambiance to have a nice relaxing dinner. Located in the heart of Paris just parallel to Hotel Costes, where you can swing by for a drink before or after your dinner. Booked weeks in advance if you want to get the experience of dining here, you have several options from lobster to

 mac & cheese. All the little details of this place and its excellent food has resulted in years as an enormously popular establishment. 

Eat like a Parisian


The Peruvian restaurant located in the most luxurious avenue in Paris surrounded by top brands like Chanel, Dior, YSL, Celine etc. 

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Manko offers an amazing cocktail bar and on Tuesdays and Thursdays cosmopolitan parties! Chic vibe with a festive atmosphere, this is the place to have some music and dancing on the side of dinner and enjoy some drinks or party until the sun comes up, up to you.

Eat like a Parisian

Brasserie Lipp

If you are looking for the best stake tartare in Paris this is the place, found in the Boulevard St Germain just in front of Cafe de Floré is a Brasserie called Lipp, it comes with a vintage menu full of french classics. This is the ideal restaurant to enjoy a nice dinner with a nice wine and get to live the Parisian experience.

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Top place for a romantic dinner with the best view of the Eiffel Tower, the rooftop terrace of the Musée de l’Architecture at the Trocadero, equipped with a breathtaking interior design. 

Sea inspired menu, where you can find; ceviche, octopus, sea bass all paired with exquisite flavors. 

You can’t miss it!

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Eat like a Parisian

Paris offers many restaurants with all the types of cuisine you could look for.  On your next stay if you want to see how the vibe is as a local you can enjoy in all these restaurants along with the best food, places and atmospheres!

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