Chinese StreetStyle


New trend on TikTok and Instagram: outfits in China.

From looks with many logos and luxury brands, to traditional and more eccentric.

Through TikTok's videos, the general public gets to know the incredible and unique sense of style of this wonderful country.

Sometimes they are unintentionally filmed, other times they are asked to be filmed for a video.

The clothing ranges from classic streetwear to traditional "hanfu" clothing reinvented in fresh and modern ways, all worn with the confidence and characteristic attitude that is amplified by the slow motion effect.

The clothes, the attitudes, the high quality production, the Chinese K-Pop and hip-hop soundtracks... and, of course, the novelty of seeing individuals in LOOK with capital letters from head to toe.


Photo Credit: Esquire

Chinese StreetStyle

Many luxury logos

Many international and local influencers wear their #ootd displaying as many logos of big luxury brands as possible. A young and street style, worn with nonchalance and style.


Photo Credit: Grazia

Chinese StreetStyle

Tradition is cool

Locals want to show all their traditions also through their outfits. Umbrellas, flowers, hats and long dresses, history never goes out of fashion.


Photo Credit: Chinosity

Chinese StreetStyle

eBoys and eGirls

It is the newest fashion trend on social media among young people. One of the most diverse genres of clothing is styling.

It is a mash-up of elements of long-standing internet culture such as anime, K-pop and skateboard culture.


Photo Credit: Grazia

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