Campaign Trends: Mother's Day 2022


Helping exhausted mothers

Brands advanced the Shecovery by prioritizing messages of support and encouraged others to do the same outside of the annual holiday season.

Given the disproportionate problems women have endured in the last two years, a variety of firms are no longer waiting for Mother's Day. 91% of moms said they were more exhausted or had less energy post-Covid-19. The scam recognized the emotional and physical strain placed on mothers during Covid-19 by offering up to $100 in self-care activities and products, such as spa day materials, a babysitter, or a night out.

Campaign Trends: Mother's Day 2022

Integrated narratives

Brands have prioritized open and honest tales about motherhood's challenges, with a focus on Black and Brown mothers, extending campaigns beyond conventional awareness efforts.

 According to Alice Judge-Talbot, Group Operations Director at platform, this suffering is visible among pregnant artists who are losing collaborations, with "some brands openly confessing their pregnancies as the reason." However, new Mother's Day activities have managed to close the gap.

Campaign Trends: Mother's Day 2022


Mothers, as the ultimate role models and original influencers, were honored as the first influencers by First Influencer Brands.

 With its I Got It from My Mom campaign, Coach paid tribute to Mum's lasting influence. The commercial, which included Jennifer Lopez, actress Tommy Dorfman, and TikTok personality Noah Beck, was shot in what was designed to imitate family rooms and featured a mother and kid combo. According to the company, the commercial was created to honor "the role mother figures play as

Campaign Trends: Mother's Day 2022

Mini me

Brands photographed mothers with their children (and grandchildren) to celebrate the various joys and rewards of motherhood.

 With women spending more time at home with their children than ever before, companies invited viewers inside these private and familiar spaces. Nicky Hilton launched her new Nicky Hilton x French Sole limited-edition footwear brand while posing for a Mother's Day shoe collection campaign with daughters Lily-Grace and Teddy. While enjoying a tea party in a bedroom, the family dressed in identical costumes.

Campaign Trends: Mother's Day 2022
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