Business casual: the rules of the new office look


Previously, a woman always wore a suit, a white shirt, and often looked like a man. Nowadays, casual elements are widespread in business fashion and you can dress more relaxed than we did 10 years ago. Now a woman can be sexy and fashionable, but it is important to know the limits. The main thing is that the girl has her own style, it must be developed, sometimes it is difficult and then it is better to contact the stylist.

You should buy different jackets, skirts, trousers. It is not necessary to dress expensively. You need to have several things that can easily be combined with each other.

Pants are very feminine, although, of course, depends on how to wear them. But any blouse is good for trousers. They can add to the outfit both conservatism and relaxation.

The white blouse was and remains the basis of the business wardrobe. It changes: before it was fitted, but now it is more rectangular in shape, but it must be in the wardrobe. A white shirt can be combined in different ways with different things, it can be everyday with jeans and very strict or elegant with other clothes. It is just a must-have.

Accessories are very important for creating an outfit. It is both fashionable and feminine. Scarves can be tied in different ways, they give the face freshness and softness. It is worth remembering that accessories are a part of the image and not a separate element.

Do not forget about the color of your outfit. If you wear too bright clothes or apart, then, of course, it will be distracting, especially in negotiations. Everything should be harmonious.

For a woman, the high heels are very important, with heels she looks better and feels more confident. The only thing it would be convenient, the platform, in this case, is a very good choice.

A woman should not close and hide her femininity!

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