An essentials guide for businessmen — how to pack for the holiday


Every time, when we pack our bags before traveling, there is a feeling that we have forgotten something very important. The key to avoiding this common series of unfortunate events lies in streamlining your holiday packing. It is so important to have the right tools at your disposal. We will show you some tips on how to pack your luggage for the holiday.

Pick The Right Suitcase

Choose the first-class suitcase is not easy, the head goes round from a set of models, materials, sizes, and types.

Choose the material: fabric or plastic

Two distinct advantages of fabric cases: the presence of the external pockets where you can put the little things you need during the trip, and souvenirs that bought at last moment before leaving. Plastic suitcases are usually more durable than fabric, and they do not get wet. Thanks to the hard case in a plastic suitcase, you can safely carry fragile things. The right wheels are also very important. The best choice is a four-wheel suitcase with double wheels or rear wheels of larger diameter.

Do you like shopping during your travel? So you need a suitcase with an increase in space. Choose a suitcase with an increase in volume: open the zipper — and now you already have a lot of free space. The most common fabric cases with expansion, but you can find it also in plastic styles.

Tote bag

A modest large bag can be a convenient companion. Getting off the flight, just put your valuables back into the main bag, fold and get them home.


It is most convenient to take a backpack onboard, it is soft, roomy and comfortable to carry around. When you are choosing a backpack also pay attention to the size, its height should be no more than 56 cm.

Stock Up On Packing Accessories

Dopp kit is so comfortable especially for the selection of grooming essentials, such as a collapsible toothbrush, sunscreen, and some shaving tools.

Travel bottles

Take travel bottles to transport your grooming goods and refill it every time you go away. It makes your travel more comfortable.

Shoe Bags

Footwear should have its own pack, away from things, that wouldn’t ordinarily come into contact with dusty pavements or beach-bar toilet floors.

Before starting to fill your suitcase — optimize the packaging process by finding out the individual outfits and their components. Think of warm days, dinners in a good restaurant, and important events. It is better to understand what kind of clothes you need. When you are planning in advance — what you will wear, you can pack less and get more of what you need!

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