All-White Outfit


White is the new black — this is how you can characterize the fashion trend that has swept celebrities. This season, it was white that became the symbol of elegance, more and more often star beauties appear at events in snow-white outfits, refuting all the established stereotypes relating to this palette. White will not make a silhouette visually slimmer, it will show everything honestly and uncompromisingly.

Discussions on the topic of such a total bow are conducted from season to season, but it seems that this season it will be easier for everyone to switch to the white side. With white, it is easy to combine other colors. Dilute white look with colorful accessories or bright-colored clothing and you will get another fashion trend.

The outfit collected in white from head to toe is a controversial phenomenon also in men’s fashion. Designers clearly explain how to create a total white outfit and not look ridiculous at the same time: oversize references to military, layering, small colorful details — like colorful bootlace on a sneaker.

In total white sporty clothes, you can train with comfort. Choose to taste: running or dancing, CrossFit or cardio. Innovative technologies will help you to feel confident: PlayDry — fabrics dry 3 times faster. PlayIce — modern ventilation, removal of moisture, excess heat from the surface of the body.

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