7 fashion exhibitions you can’t miss this summer


If you already have plans for the next six months, you may need to adjust them. Did you know you can now go see hundreds of Dior couture dresses? If that is not enough, you can also go visit the exhibition of the amazingly talented fashion photographer Tim Walker or you can go and admire the 40 impressive outfits from the archive collection of Lady GaGa in Las Vegas. There are many others interesting expositions planned for this summer and here are some to spark your interest even more:

1. Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

Where: Victoria and Albert Museum, London

When: February 2th - July 14th, 2019

This is the first must visit fashion exhibition on display this summer in London. It has broken some records: 700,000 fashion lovers from around the world have seen it already. The one in London is amazingly beautiful and this new exhibition will be interesting even to those who have already visited it in France.

2.  Maximalism: Fashion Extremes (Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and other..)

Where: Museum of the Institute of Fashion and Technology, New York

When: June-August 2019

Here you can admire the works of the main fashion giants who have made a name for themselves in minimalism (Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and others). 

3. Camp: Notes of Fashion

Where: Metropolitan, New York

When: May 9th - September 8th, 2019

“Notes about Camp” by Susan Sontag’s, which describes camp from an aesthetic point of view. The work was so influential that it catapulted the word camp into mainstream culture. The Camp became the theme of the annual Met Gala Ball and of the subsequent exhibition. 

4. Power Mode

Where: Museum of the Institute of Fashion and Technology, New York

When: December 10th, 2019 - May 9th, 2020

This exhibition will show which items of clothing in different eras were considered an indicator of power and why we saw pink pussy hats during Women's March in Washington.

5. Body Beautiful: Diversity on the Catwalk

Where: National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

When: May 24th - October 20, 2019

The latest high-profile scandals have led the fashion industry to reflect on such phenomena as diversity and inclusivity. The reasons why the industry revises modern standards of beauty can be found in the National Museum of Scotland. Here you can see diverse brands like Max Mara, Ashish, Pam Hogg and Jean Paul Gaultier. 

6. Haus of Gaga

Where: MGM Park, Las Vegas

When: May 29th - November 8th

About a year ago, Lady Gaga changed stylists. Now she works with Sandra Amador and Tom Irebut who changed her red carpet look. But if you are still nostalgic about Lady Gaga's old crazy outfits, then you need to visit this summer exhibition in Las Vegas. Gaga provided 40 archival items from her personal collection for this exhibition.

7. Tim Walker exhibition

Where: Victoria and Albert Museum, London

When: opening September 7th, 2019

Photographer Tim Walker is certainly one of the main storytellers of the fashion industry. The multimedia exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London will show how he creates his fashion. As a bonus, we should be able to see some new Walker designs, taken from the local archive.

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