5 key male swimwear trends for Summer 2019


Swimwear has more to say about you than any other garment. It’s important to choose this small piece of clothing wisely because it will be the only one you will be wearing when you go to a pool, yacht, or a beach. We will show you 5 trends of swimwear to help you feel cool and confident to buy your next piece.

White Stripes

White striped shorts have become one of the main trends of Summer 2019. As stripes have the ability to create miracles — horizontal or vertical stripes shape your body based on the requirements of your figure.

Tight Classic

Tight Swimming trunks, of course, are not as versatile as a stripe short, but they certainly have their own advantages, which should be noted. Since this kind of garment is most affected by salt water and ultraviolet radiation, they are made of materials that are not afraid of these effects.

Old School

Nostalgic swimwear trends are evolving rapidly. This season, designers have updated a bit and added some new details to the old school models of swimming trunks. More often, retro shorts is with wider leg holes to retain the throwback silhouette. This is a flattering cut that makes you look proportionate.

Military Style

One of the most prevalent trends of recent decades, and it’s now gone full circle to storm the beaches. In this style, you can easily swim, play volleyball or just walk along the seashore, while feeling absolutely comfortable. Mesh lining and stitched pockets are a plus for these shorts.

Floral Print

Melting-shorts of medium length with a contrasting floral print are at the peak of popularity. Floral print trunks give a sense of fun.

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